How to Make a YouTube Intro Video

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Be it YouTube or any other streaming channel, or even for selling your videos on any e-commerce website, intros play a vital role in your brand promotion, and creating them is not as complicated as it sounds either.

The following sections describe in detail how to make a YouTube intro with Wondershare Filmora9 video editor, and keep it safe so it can be re-used easily in all your creations to maintain consistency and to give your brand a unique identity.

Part 1: How to Make a YouTube Intro Video with Filmora9

With Wondershare Filmora9, you can create your custom intros from scratch, i.e., even if you don’t have an existing image or footage to start with. You can follow the method given below to learn how to make YouTube intro with Filmora9:

Step 1: Add Intro Background to Filmora9

Launch Wondershare Filmora9, go to Media tab at the top, select the Sample Colors category from the left pane.

Notice all the existing solid and gradient colors in the Media library in the right, hover the mouse over the tile of the color you want to use as a background, and click the + icon that appears in the center to add it to the timeline.

Note: The default duration of such solids is 5 seconds. You can increase or decrease this time by dragging the right handle of track in the timeline.

Alternatively, you can also use your own background image or video clip by selecting the Project Media category from the left pane, clicking anywhere inside the Media window, and then importing your favorite media file to Filmora9. After importing, you can follow the procedure given above to add it to the timeline.

Step 2: Select and Add Audio/Sound Effect to YouTube Intro

With audio in the YouTube intro, your video will be more recognizable. If you have watched PewDiePie ‘s video, you’ll find that even though he changed the images on the intro often, he keeps the music and sound the same in the intro.

In Filmora9, you can use the music and sound effect in the inbuilt audio library, double click the audio thumbnail from the library to listen to the soundtrack.

Repeat the process until you find the background music or sound effect that you can use in the intro. Once found, drag and drop it to the audio track below the video.

Note: You should keep the background and the audio at the same duration. For more details about audio editing in Filmora9, please check this guide about.

Step 3: Add Text/Logo to Intro Video

In the intro video, you can add your channel name, company name, or other branding elements for brand awareness consideration.

Click Titles tab, hover the mouse over the tile with the text you want to use, and then drag and drop it to the track above the video.

To customize, double-click the title track in the timeline, use the new window that appears in the upper-left area of the interface to change, format, and animate the text as needed, and click OK from the bottom-right corner of the library.

Also, you need to adjust the position and duration of the title to get a better view. 

In the intro video, it is recommended toor slogan as well. To add your logo, drag and drop it to the track above the video, and adjust its position and size. For more details, you can check the guide about.

Step 4: Add Effects to YouTube Intro

Go to Effects tab, choose a category from the top-left pane, and click and drag your preferred effect from the Effects library to the timeline.

Adjust the playback duration by dragging the right handle of the track in the timeline as explained above. Optionally, double-click the Effects track to customize the appearance as needed.

Step 4: Export the Intro and Add to Shared Media

Once you are done creating your YouTube intro with all the required ingredients, click EXPORT from the top-center area of the interface, go to the Local tab on the Export box, choose your preferred output format from the left pane (the most common and widely used is MP4), adjust other preferences like destination location, resolution, framerate, etc. from the right pane of the box, and click EXPORT to export the YouTube intro.

Once exported, back on the main interface, select Media again from the standard toolbar, select the Shared Media container from the left pane, click anywhere inside the Media library, and import the YouTube intro video you just created to Shared Media so it can be reused every time you create a new video for the series.

Also, you can save the project, and then revise the element, effects or text to make a YouTube intro vibration.

You can find there are many video tutorials about how to use Filmora9 to make a YouTube intro, and below is one for you to have a quick glance.

Part 2: How to Make YouTube Intros with Templates

If the turnaround time of your project is about to end, and you need to hustle up, you can always use pre-built templates that not only expedite your creation process, they also look more professional because they are designed by the experts who already have decades of experience in the industry.

Besides the pre-programmed templates and effects in Filmora9, you can find more visual effect packs in the effect store Filmstock .

You can learn how to make YouTube intro video in Filmora9 with a template downloaded from Filmstock.

Step 1: Visit Filmora Effects Page on Filmstock

Visitand log in with the same WSID that you used on Filmora9, and then click EFFECTS from the top of the webpage. Since Filmstock also provides templates for After Effects, you should select Filmora Effects to access the entire Filmora Effects library.

You can search the effects that you want in the Search bar, here, since I’m looking for effects for YouTube intro, I just enter “intro”. The effects related to intro will be displayed like below.

Step 2: Download Video Effect Packs for Filmora9

Click your preferred intro effect template, click Download Now and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain and download the template.

After downloading, you will see these them in red circles under titles, transitions, or filters, based on the elements included in this effect pack. You can then add this downloaded titles or transitions to the intro video.

Looking for an online solution? Check the list of.

Part 3: Creative Intro Makers Made with Filmora9 (Video Tutorial Included)

Both the above processes on how to make YouTube intro video are helpful as long as you use effective titles, decent effects, and extremely appealing color combinations. While the first method gives you full control over the creation as you can use all your imaginations to prepare one, the second method saves your time and yet lets you come up with a professionally-looking intro clip.

Below is a video tutorial from YouTuber Nash. He demonstrated how to create a YouTube Intro with the Sample Colors, Titles, filters and sound effects.

FAQs About YouTube Intro Video Making

  • 1. What is a YouTube Intro Video?

A YouTube intro video is 5 seconds to 7 seconds short motion clip that comprises your company name and logo. Such intros help in your brand promotion and give any film or episode that follows them a unique identity. This allows audiences to recognize your
organization, and with regular appearances, you can establish strong goodwill among your customers.

  • 2. What Should I Put in a YouTube Intro Video?

A YouTube intro video should have your YouTube channel name, an effective and well-formatted text, brand logo, background music, effects, and a slight and simple animation.


To learn how to make a YouTube intro is easy, and things can get even simpler if you are using an efficient and robust post-production software like Wondershare Filmora9, which not only allows you to create such clips from the scratch, it also enables you to access Filmstock’ online library to download more fantastic templates in order to expedite your workflow.

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