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Is there a way to buy safe YouTube views?

Disclaimer: We in no way endorse the practice of buying views. It could be dangerous for your channel and will damage your credibility with your real viewers if they find out.

We all dream of creating YouTube videos that go viral and have millions of views, but the reality of running a YouTube channel is somewhat different. YouTube is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the Internet today which means that the competition is fierce. Around 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute and, as a consequence, many YouTubers are struggling to attract subscribers.

We’ve all heard about YouTubers who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars with their videos, but the fact of the matter is that your videos must first reach thousands of views before you can even make $1 (). You need 10,000 views to even be eligible to monetize your videos.

Another thing working against you as a small YouTuber is that it is harder to attract new viewers while your view count is low. Buying YouTube views is a legitimate way of growing your channel because, if you buy from a trustworthy source, it can help you rank in search results and attract organic viewers.

Buying views is not actually against YouTube’s Terms of Service (). The rules state: “Services that attempt to get YouTube views through automated means or attempt to force or trick viewers into watching videos are not ok,” and go on to list buying views as a potential way in which you could end up buying automated views. That is why it is important to make sure that when you buy views, they are real human views and not from a bot. If YouTube suspects a bot is artificially inflating your view count you could face disciplinary action.

Even though you are technically allowed to buy views, it is important to approach this strategy with caution to avoid scams. There are many services which lie about what they can deliver, and whether how they deliver could hurt your channel.

In this article, we will explore the safest ways of buying YouTube views from trusted providers and we will also tell you what to look for so you don’t fall for scams.

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Safety first is the golden rule of doing business online and in general. You must make sure that the provider you want to buy YouTube views can be trusted. One of the best ways to avoid scams is to buy only from top providers that have good reputations and proven records. is a site devoted to testing view-buying services and making sure they are safe, so checking whether a service has been rated well by them is always a good first step when you’re considering buying views.

is one of the industry’s most trusted providers and BuyViewsReview’s top-rated service.

Opting to buy YouTube views from one of the most popular providers in the industry is a sure way to avoid scams because these providers have already proven themselves both to reviewers and other customers. Check out.

What to Look For

Upon your initial visit to a website offering to sell your views, there are a couple of things you can check for quickly that could be red flags for scams.

First – do they have a money-back guarantee? All of the top-rated views services guarantee your money if they can’t deliver (because they are confident that they can). If a service doesn’t make this promise, you should be suspicious about their ability to give you what you pay for.

Second – do they offer high retention views? A high retention view is one that tells YouTube ‘someone clicked on this video and liked it enough to watch it for a significant time’. High retention views are the ones that can help you rank in search results and attract organic viewers (which should always be the goal).

Any site which can’t offer high retention views, or which you suspect is lying about them, should be avoided. Getting a lot of views quickly, but having YouTube interpret them as ‘people are clicking away fast, they must not like this video’ will not help your search engine rankings and could hurt them.

Furthermore, a lack of information about the company in the ‘About Us’ section should serve as a warning that the website you are looking at could be a scam.

Is This Website Reliable?

The Internet is a powerful research tool and you should use it to find as much as you can about the provider before you chose to purchase YouTube views from them. Look for information such as when and where was the company founded, who the founder was, and if they have a Wikipedia page. Legitimate businesses make this information available.

What’s more, you should also check if they have customer support and try to get in touch with them and ask about their services. If the website doesn’t have a customer support page, looking for the ‘Contact’ page can be an effective way of determining whether or not the provider is trustworthy. If they can’t respond to your initial inquiry quickly then that’s another red flag.

Most importantly, make sure that their YouTube views packages offer realistic services because if the provider is promising a lot of views for a ridiculously low amount of money, or in a very short period, chances are that they are trying to trick you by offering more than they can deliver. This goes double if they promise real human, high retention, views but claim they can give them to you cheap – in this case they are probably using a bot and lying about it.

Check the Reputation

Scams can hurt your video’s chances of reaching its target audience, and the scams/bad services greatly outnumber the companies that provide quali
ty, reliable, services to their customers. Before you buy views from a disreputable service, ask yourself ‘will my video get banned?’. That should motivate you to make sure that their reputation is clean.

Use Google to find customer reviews and read what other users of the provider’s services had to say about them. If you cannot find any reviews or comments, it is a sign that the company is a scam.

If you fail to find any reviews, you can also check how well the company is rated at‘s website.

Do They Offer High Retention Views?

Understanding how YouTube’s algorithm works will enable you to know exactly what to demand from the provider. The retention rate is one of the most important factors YouTube’s search engine uses to determine a video’s value to potential viewers. A high retention rate simply means that the viewers of your video watched either the entire video or a significant portion of it. Videos that have a higher amount of people watch from the beginning until the end are more likely to appear at the top of search queries.

Providers that don’t mention high retention views, or who claim to offer them but also claim to provide them unreasonably quickly, are among those who don’t provide real views won’t help you a lot because the fake views won’t create the desired effect of higher search rankings. Buying the YouTube views that last throughout the video should be your main priority, and before making a purchase make sure that the provider delivers high retention views. If not, they will be taking your money for a service that essentially harms your video’s chances of becoming successful.

Keep in mind that YouTube’s algorithm frequently changes, which makes buying high-quality views even more important.   

Learn About Their Delivery Method

Learning as much as you can about the provider’s delivery methods will allow you to know which methods may raise a red flag. Providers that deliver all views at the same time are often a scam, because the views come from fake accounts or bots which present a big concern for YouTube, and are potentially harmful to your account. Buying real views isn’t against the rules, but buying fake views can be. When buying YouTube views look for reasonable delivery times, one week or one month depending on the number of views you are buying is a much better investment than purchasing views from a provider that promises to deliver all the views at once.

The delivery method is possibly the biggest factor in determining whether or not the views you bought are safe. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to pay attention to which delivery method the provider intends to use.

Learn About Their Tactics

The trouble with scammers and low-quality providers is that they source views from bots, which is against YouTube’s Terms of Service. There are certain tactics you can apply to make buying YouTube views safer. The first and most important step is to avoid purchasing views as soon as you upload a video, because YouTube’s spam protection may flag your video as spam. Don’t buy views all at the same time, because that creates a pattern and patterns are easily tracked by protection systems that may penalize such behavior.

A wide demographic area will ensure that your views are sourced from different parts of the world which will, in turn, create a wider audience for your videos. Make sure to find out where the views are coming from, because if they are all coming from the same place, your channel and your videos may raise a red flag. 

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Whether or not to buy YouTube views is a question each YouTuber must answer for themselves, but if you choose to buy views make sure to be safe. Purchasing YouTube views will enable you to improve your online reputation, increase your rankings, and attract real organic views. On the other hand, buying views can create problems if you accidentally buy from a service that uses bots or if you cannot also attract genuine engagement/comments (which will make real viewers think you bought views).   

So, what do you think? Is it possible to buy safe YouTube views, or do you feel like it’s a bad move for your channel?

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