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May 31, 2021• Proven solutions

You may have met the same problem like we, there are lots of comments on our YouTube video, and to read them all, we have to load them several times. And it is hard when we look for some genuine feedback from the audiences and want to know what do they expect from our upcoming posts.

To download the comments you receive for the videos you publish on YouTube, you need a decent YouTube comment downloader. A good comment puller not only enables you to extract YouTube comments, it also gives you the flexibility to save them to your preferred format on your local computer.

With the extracted comments, you can also analyze your audience, reward them with the prizes if you were running a competition, etc.

Therefore, being a regular video influencer or a vlogger, it is imperative for you to download all the comments along with their replies to understand which aspect you must focus on to gain more views, and get more business.

With that said, the following sections discuss some of the best extensions and apps that can easily extract YouTube comments.

Part 1: Best Online YouTube Comments Download Extensions

1 YouTube Comment Exporter

YouTube Comment Exporter or YTE is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to extract YouTube comments from the web portal, and save them to your local PC. As it is with many other browser extensions, even YouTube Comment Exporter is free. However, being a plug-in that cannot work independently, YTE has limited features.

At the time of this writing, the tool only works as a YouTube comment downloader that can export the comments in CSV, XLS, or JSON format, and is able to extract only up to 50 comments.

After installing YTE on your Google Chrome, you can follow the steps given below to download YouTube comments:

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Go to the YouTube video you want to extract the comments from
  • Click YTE from the top-right corner of the browser’s interface
  • Define the number of comments that you want to extract (must be 50 or less)
  • Click your preferred format you want to extract YouTube comments in

You can download and install this extension here:

2 YouTube Comment Scraper

YouTube Comment Scraper is yet another extension for Google Chrome that, unlike YTE, is regularly updated and is quite efficient, and therefore enjoys decent star-rating on the Chrome web store.

Post installation, YouTube Comment Scraper enables you to extract the video comments in CSV format, and even pulls out the nickname of the commentators, the URL of the users, date of the comments, the actual comments, total number of upvotes the comments received, the number of replies they got, and even extracts the email address(es) if the comments have any.

The best part is, the extension doesn’t share your data or search information with the developer or Google, and performs all the processes on your local computer.

However, you must subscribe for the PRO version of the extension to gain access to all the available features. At the time of this writing, the PRO version is available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly plan at $9.99, 18.99, and 59.99 respectively.

As for the free version, it can only extract limited number of comments in CSV format.

After you have successfully installed YouTube Comment Scraper on your Google Chrome, you can follow the steps given below to extract YouTube comments:

    • On Google Chrome, go to the YouTube video from which you want to extract the comments
    • Copy the URL of the video
    • Click the YouTube Comment Scraper icon from the top-right corner of the web browser
    • Click SIGN IN

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Google account
  • Click the YouTube Comment Scraper icon one more time
  • Paste the URL that you copied earlier in the available field
  • Access the CSV file from the default download folder on your PC

Part 2: Best Online YouTube Comments Downloader

In addition to installing Chrome extensions that, kind of, bind you to the web browser, you can also try using some other online tools that work independently. Even though such apps might not be free as it is the case with most of the plug-ins, they offer more flexibility, and allow you to control the information more granularly.

Some best online YouTube comment downloader portals are:


SEOBOTS is a complete hub that, along with many other tools, also offers a feature to extract YouTube comments. Although the web app requires you to pay a nominal fee to exploit all the features while pulling YouTube comments, you get free download credits when you sign up.

With SEOBOTS’ YouTube Comment Downloader, you can extract up to 500,000 comments in a single go, scrape up to 500 replies of the comments, schedule automatic initialization of the bot, configure it to send email notifications when the comments are extracted and even attach the CSV file containing the comments to the email, etc.

As for the pricing, you can buy 500 credits for $0.50, and 799 credits for $0.80. The latter subscription allows you to extract comments in Excel, CSV, and JSON formats with up to 100 replies per comment.

You can follow the steps given below to use SEOBOTS to extract YouTube comments:

    • Go to the YouTube video and copy its URL as explained earlier
    • Go to
    • Scroll down to the Video URL section
    • Paste the URL that you copied
    • Click Start this bot from the right pane

    • After the process completes, click VIEW DATA on the next page to view the extracted comments

2 Coberry

Another online tool dedicated to downloading comments from YouTube videos. Even though Coberry is a paid app, it allows extraction from up to three videos per day for free. The number of comments it can extract while using the free version is up to 5000. However, it doesn’t pull the replies from the comments unless you subscribe and pay for the upgrade.

As for the pricing, you can buy up to 100 export credits for $5 where you can extract up to 15,000 comments during each export. This paid subscription allows you to download all the replies for the comments and is valid for 3 days. On the other hand, if you pay $20, everything remains the same except you can extract up to 75,000 comments for each export.

You can use Coberry to extract YouTube comments by following the instructions given below:

    • Copy the URL of the YouTube video
    • Go to
    • Click New Export from the upper-right area

    • Paste the URL you copied in the Video ID or Link field
    • Click Start from the bottom-right corner

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to extract and access file containing the comments on your local PC


Not only for YouTube, but EXPORTCOMMENTS can extract information from many other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When talking about extracting comments from the YouTube videos, the web app allows up
to 100 exports for free, and save them in Excel or CSV file. However, the process is capped with limited number of extractions per day. Also, the free version doesn’t even allow you to pull the replies that the comments have received, but lets you extract the live chat conversations.

In order to gain complete and granular access to all the features offered by EXPORTCOMMENTS, you must purchase a paid subscription.

As for the prices, at the time of this writing, EXPORTCOMMENTS offers three paid plans namely PERSONAL, PREMIUM, and BUSINESS that cost $11 for three days with up to 5000 comment exports, $45 per month with up to 50,000 comment exports, and $199 per month with up to 250,000 comment exports respectively.

To extract YouTube comments using EXPORTCOMMENTS, you can follow the process explained below:

    • As before, copy the URL of the source video
    • Go to
    • Paste the URL in the available field

    • After the process completes, click the More arrow on the DOWNLOAD EXCEL FILE button
    • Choose your preferred format to export the comments in, and save the file on your local PC

FAQ: YouTube shows there are 100 comments but the bot returned less than that. Why?

There could be a couple of reasons for that. Probably you are using a free/demo version of the YouTube comment downloader that needs to be upgraded before it allows you to download more comments. You may also want to check if the comments have replies, and that your instance of the app is capable of extracting them as well.

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